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We receive a very large number of guest post submissions every day and could never hope to include them all in these pages, as we limit new content to 1 or 2 per day. Sponsored posts have priority over guest posts, hence it may take up to 1 month to fit accepted posts into the schedule. With so much demand, we are forced to be very selective in the content accepted for guest posts.

All guest post submissions must be unique containing more than 1200 words (longer posts of 2000+ words are encouraged). We require at least 4 links to authoritative sources (DA 40+) You must include a link to other content at Star Wheeler and you may include 1 link of your choice, as well (identify your link in the email accompanying your submission). Images must be unique. Failure to include sufficient high-authority links or including too many low-value links will be rejected.

All content must be SEO optimized for on-page and provide superior value to my audience–that means your keyword should be prominently used in the content (please include your keywords in the email message). Since this site contains over 100 in-depth posts on the general topic of digital marketing, providing unique perspectives or detailed instruction on new tactics, tools, or templates is necessary to warrant publication. General posts will be rejected, so do your research. Failure to adhere to this policy will earn a rejection.

Correct spelling and grammar (US) are imperative. Please use active voice as much as possible. Excessive (more than 10%) passive voice will be rejected. All submissions are checked using anti-plagiarism software as well as Grammarly to detect writing quality. Plagiarism or Grammarly scores below 94% are automatically rejected.

Case studies and data presentations are especially encouraged. Posts MUST be non-promotional.

All posts become the property of Star Wheeler LLC and will not be edited once published unless we made a mistake during upload. We reserve the right to edit the piece prior to publication.

You may provide content in MS Word or similar format as an attachment to an email to Include a brief bio and image of the author, as well as the image (s) for inclusion in the post – do NOT embed images within the word document. Video is highly encouraged as a YouTube or Vimeo embed.

By sending posts for consideration, users accept responsibility for the accuracy and protection of intellectual property. Users affirm the content as original and agree to withhold republishing the content for 24 hours after it is published on Star Wheeler. Users understand they have no rights to profits obtained in connection with their posts or the Google Ads embedded within the content.